Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family FoundationKobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation

ASAS Students Return from China

Through the support of the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation, 10 high school students from KVBFF’s partner, After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles (ASAS-LA), were able to take an educational tour through China during the summer of 2012. All students are a part of ASAS-LA’s Mandarin Language and Culture programs, chaired by Kobe Bryant.

During the China tour, ASAS-LA students spent ten days at the Hangzhou Foreign Language School and participated in Mandarin language courses & cultural classes. Students later spent time in Shanghai, Beijing, hiked up the Great Wall of China, visited Tiananmen Square, saw the Forbidden City, and engaged in a wushu performance during the Closing Ceremony of Chinese Bridge Summer Camp for U.S. High School students at the Beijing Royal School. It was the opportunity for a lifetime for the inner-city LA youths.

“The international sojourn opened the minds of our students,” says ASAS-LA President and Executive Director, Ana Campos. “The great majority of the students in ASAS-LA programs do not have the chance to leave their own neighborhoods, let alone see the world. Kobe and Vanessa Bryant and KVBFF made this opportunity possible. It has been a life-changing experience for our students, and it will be exciting to watch their lives successfully evolve due to the impact of this trip .”

Credit: Shannon Mayock