Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family FoundationKobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation

Kobe’s Mask Sells for $67,100


Kobe Bryant auctioned off the mask he wore this season after breaking his nose and suffering a concussion in the NBA All-Star Game to raise money for the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation. Kobe wore the mask for 11 games in February and March of this season after being hit in the face by Miami’s Dwayne Wade. Kobe averaged 31.1 points per game and scored his 29,000th career point against the Minnesota Timberwolves while wearing the mask.

The auction ended Tuesday, May 8th with a winning bid of $67,100 by Hasmit Popat. The opening bid was $250, and there were 129 total bids. The proceeds will go toward KVBFF’s Youth Homelessness Initiative.
  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TC7JKJRIAFZK3FIEZ3HMZESHVI Rijul

    Some people say Kobe is a bad person. I certainly don’t agree. Kobe, you have an amazing big heart, and a positive attitude toward your amazing prowess in basketaball. Good luck.
    -12 year old fan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002661272144 Andrews Owusu

    that’s was a great idea in supporting of the needy kove and vannesa

  • Ceegirl

    Thank you so much for your benevolence. My nephew, Jamal Crawford, is also a NBA player and I salute people like you all for what you do to strengthen the community and make them healthy. May God’s choicest BLESSINGS be yours.

  • Nick

    im 12 to, and i say exactly this.